Commercial & Corporate Legal Services

Unique Perspective

Tailored Services

Each organization requires a different focus. It is important to adapt the legal requirements and input to the specific commercial environments of the client, whether a startup commencing its first strategic deal or a global publicly traded multi-national involved in another strategic transaction.

Comprehensive Perspective

My vision is that legal review and involvement does not end at the fine print “T’s & C’s” but requires analysis, involvement and active review of the entire transaction: sales proposals, technical documents, project management undertakings as well as the standard legal terms.


My role may be focused on legal drafting and remarks or, taking advantage of my management experience, leading the negotiation process on behalf of the company.

Unique Experience

My substantial background over the years in the IT, telecom, and defense industries provides me with unique hands-on experience and insight with respect to contract drafting and negotiations as well as tenders with governments organizations and large multi-national corporations.

Professional Approach

I believe it is key to present and maintain a professional interface with the clients, customers and suppliers throughout the process.

Cooperation with Finance Department

In this day and age, finance and legal go hand-in-hand. It is critical to support the finance department whether with regards to compliance and risk management, revenue recognition issues, tax planning or otherwise, through clear, open communications and familiarity with the ever-evolving issues.